Rickety Rocking Horse

Baby SOH and I have really enjoyed playgroup, and I have often led the music for the group.

It’s one of my most enjoyable music experiences.

This week I took my big bag of teddybears.  Teddies are great fun at music, and often the favourite is the one that’s a little bit different, such as the orange one, or the little one. 

We bounced our bears on our knee, just like Mums bounce their babies. 

Rickety rickety rocking horse, over the fields we go.

Rickety rickety rocking horse, giddy up, giddy up, WHOA!  (get faster on the giddy ups)

This was a great follow up to the story we had just heard, Fast faster.  What a great way for young children to experience and talk about tempo.

Baby SOH had fun, and I did too. 

Love from Nannyjay




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Fun with Rhyming Words

Baby SOH – such a grown up baby of 4 years now!!

The other day I heard Baby SOH playing with words – she repeated two of them over and over, and then said “They sound the same”. 

I explained these were rhyming words, words that end with the same sound.   Familiarity with rhyming words builds a knowledge of language.

Playing with rhyming words is also lots of fun for children.  There are particular songs which encourage children to create their own verses using rhyming words in particular phrases.   One that comes to mind is Down by the Bay.  Children love that song, and they love creating new verses for other people to respond to and enjoy the humour that is often part of the whole process. 

Boo to a Goose, by Mem Fox, is a wonderful picture book, with lots of rhyming words for children to explore. 

Happy Birthday Baby SOH, I know you will enjoy this book.  Love from Nannyjay









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My little red wagon

It is such a lovely day in Sydney.

Baby SOH and I are sitting on our back porch painting. 

I started singing Jolting up and down in my little red wagon.

I have sung that song in music class for many years and the children love it. 

It has that lovely repeated line “Wont you be my darling”. 

Jolting up and down in my little red wagon,
Jolting up and down in my little red wagon,
Jolting up and down in my little red wagon,
Wont you be my darling.

SNAP!  Children love the snap and clapping their hands loudly, and talking about a broken wheel.  Change of tempo!

Then we talk about who is going to fix it.  Daddy, Mumma, Pa, Granny and on it goes.

One wheel’s off and the axle’s dragging,
One wheel’s off and the axle’s dragging,
One wheel’s off and the axel’s dragging,
Wont you be my darling.

Daddy’s got a hammer and he will fix it,
Daddy’s got a hammer and he will fix it,
Daddy’s got a hammer and he will fix it,
Wont you be my darling.

Going to the party (or wherever) in my little red wagon,

Its fun talking about all the places we could go.

Where are you going?

What fun, love from Nannyjay

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A Song to Start the Day ..

Baby SOH was in her car seat, and I was listening to You Raised Me Up so I can stand on Mountains, sung by the beautiful voices of Celtic Woman.

It is so inspiring.

I looked in my mirror and saw Baby SOH with her hand gently outstretched. She was singing, she was in her own world.

Interestingly she was singing her own words, and matching the dynamics of the recorded song, becoming louder and softer with the music, and moving her hand in response.

At the end of the phrase, “You raised me up to more than I can be”, she also finished her phrase with “be”.

This was so moving to observe, that when I arrived at my home, I kept the engine running, and the cd playing to the end, so the experience could have a natural finish.

Only the day before, I had said that when I sing, these are the happiest moments of my day …..

Grow into singing, Baby SOH
love from Nannyjay

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I am an egg

Today was all about eggs.

It began when Baby SOH first came and found the empty egg cartons, and she asked for some eggs. I found my plastic Easter eggs and she had a ball putting the coloured eggs in different cartons and closing them up. We talked about Granny making scrambled eggs.

We found the book by Jeanette Rowe, Whose Egg, she loved that.

I had some soft music playing. She announced “I am an egg” and curled up on the floor, then started flying and dancing and twirling to the music. She wore my butterfly wings throughout.

So spontaneous. So free to be herself and fly with the music. Keep Flying Baby SOH!!

Your family is watching and loving it.

Love from Nannyjay
connect – support – empower with music

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Music in her soul….

I was tuning up my guitar ready for music the next day, and I heard little Baby SOH’s voice looking for me.

She also heard the guitar, and I haven’t played it for a while.

I placed the guitar leaning against the table, while she dried off after her bath. She sat beside it and started strumming with her fingers.

She started to sing a beautiful song of her own creation.

Her singing was very soft, her strumming was very soft. She sang with expression. It was a song about sleeping. It was lovely to listen to and beautiful to observe.

Mummy and I clapped at the end of the song.

Baby SOH sang other shorter songs this evening accompanied by the guitar, including “The day of the carrot”.

She must have gone home and told Daddy all about her musical event, because I received a photo of Daddy and Baby SOH with his guitar.

I do believe that her singing, creativity and expression began all those years ago when she was sung to as a babe in arms.

This is music that comes from the heart.

Love from Nannyjay
music to connect – support – empower

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Baby SOH loves going into my music room and choosing an instrument.

Yesterday she chose drums, large, small, rubber home made ones, all grouped together.

Drumsticks of various materials.  We havent used drumsticks much, mainly hands to play the drum.

Soon Nannyjay was playing too, and after watching for a while, Pa joined in.  People just cant resist the opportunity to make music together!!  Watching on is not the same!

I always love to give Baby SOH a challenge, and showed her simple conducting.  She especially liked asking us to make soft music and to stop!  She was in control, and also very much in the moment.  It was just fun, we were all engrossed.  She enjoyed saying STOP! to accompany her hand movements, and SSH! for soft.  One day her hands will be enough.

All the while, she was learning about DYNAMICS in music, and experiencing BEAT and RHYTHM, very spontaneously.

A happy memory for us all,

Love from Nannyjay


connect-support-empower with music








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